Notting Hill Hope Blossom Knobs & Pulls

Notting Hill Hope Blossom Knobs & Pulls
Notting Hill HOPE BLOSSOM knobs and pulls are elegantly designed and hand-cast of solid fine pewter and are available in several finish options including Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Pewter and Brilliant Pewter. A striking motif featuring stylized elements of the peanut plant, the artistic design of this hardware is reminiscent of the artist Henri Rousseau. The exceptional detail and craftsmanship of this hardware will enhance the character of any room.

The peanut plant was specifically chosen this year due to the importance of peanuts as a nutritious and sustainable food source in South Sudan. Notting Hill Decorative Hardware has partnered with South Sudan Voices of Hope (SSVH), to benefit the people in the war-torn area of South Sudan. SSVOH is committed to alleviating the suffering of the innocent children, women, and men in the war torn regions of South Sudan, Blue Nile, and the Nuba Mountains.

75% of the profits from Hope Blossom will be donated to this non-profit organization. The sale of these products will help to:

Provide clean drinking water Provide seeds, farm tools and food security Provide medical care and develop Hope Clinic Provide education and develop New Sudan elementary school

Through the purchase of the HOPE BLOSSOM knobs and pulls, you can beautify any room and, at the same time, help empower marginalized Sudanese people to be self-sufficient long-term, through sustainable development.