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 Franke PR-36S, Franke Bottom Grids
Franke PR-36S, Franke Bottom Grids
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Product Description

Franke PR-36C has been discontinued and is now replaced but the PR36S which is noncoated stainless steel so the coating does not peel off. You can put hot pots on it. Franke PR-36S, Franke PR36S Bottom Grids, Coated or Noncoated Stainless Bottom Grid for Franke PRX110-21 The grid is 18 1/2" Wide x 13 1/2" From front to back. This grid fits Franke PRX-160, PCX-110-21, PCX-160, PCX-660, PRX-660, PCX-620, PRX-620, PCX-610, PRX-610, PRM-110-21, PRX110-21